Own a HP laptop between 2013 to 2016? You may have a fire hazard.

            Unfortunately the trend of batteries becoming fire hazards have expanded to the consumer laptop field.  Hewlett-Packard laptops from the HP, Compaq, ProBook, Envy, Presario and Pavilion lines are at risk of overheating and catching fire.  There have been 8 documented cases of overheating and 1 fire which lead to property damage due to these…


U.S. Data breaches are on the rise in 2016

A report released Thursday by the companies CyberScout and Identity Theft Resource Center noted that data leaks by U.S. organizations are on the rise.  1,093 breaches of security and privacy have exposed records across sectors such as the financial, business, education, government, military and healthcare.  These included both the public and private sector side of…


Gmail Phishing Technique being Exploited

    There is a new highly effective phishing attack hackers are using to compromise your email. This one is much harder to recognize than any other attack. If you have already been infiltrated, you probably don’t even know. The way this new phishing technique works is using your Gmail account. The attacker will send…


Colorado CyberKnife – RAID failure and successful recovery

The Client Colorado CyberKnife has adopted the “best-in-class” technologies (CyberKnife and Tomotherapy) to treat candidates for Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery as well or better than other treatment modalities (surgery, proton therapy, chemotherapy, brachytherapy, davinci, gammaknife,…) at a fraction of the cost. Challenge Colorado CyberKnife experienced an IT crisis early one Friday Morning when their server stopped…


iphone evolution

The iPhone evolution

The iPhone soon turns 10. Let’s take a look at how it came to be and the steps it took to get where it is today. The first iPhone Ten years ago, the first iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs, setting the bar insanely high for Apple’s competitors.   On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs…


nyc subway wifi

Wifi and cell service is coming to all New York City subway stations

Good news for New York City residents was announced recently by Governor Andrew Cuomo. By January 9th, high quality wifi and cell service from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless will be available to all 5.7 million people who ride the NYC subway system every day. “By bringing Wi-Fi and cell service underground ahead of schedule, we…


CES 2017 preview: robots are coming

CES 2017 is nearly here, and we couldn’t be more excited. The best part of the show this year? Robots. They’ll be everywhere and we can’t wait to meet them. Previously, robots have been used as marketing tools or demonstration props, but that may change this year. “What we will see is more from the…


Facebook's Instant Verification

Facebook has announced Instant Verification

Facebook wants to make it easier for you to sign into all the other apps you have on your Android smartphone without having to wait for an SMS with a one-time password. The social media juggernaut has introduced a new feature, called Instant Verification, to its developer tool Account Kit, which it claims can allow…


programming trends

A review of 2016’s programming trends

Growth of the latest version of JavaScript JavaScript/ECMAScript version 6 (commonly known as ECMAScript 2015 or ES6) launched in June of 2015, and I predicted that 2016 would see widespread adoption of its new features as web developers adjusted to the new version of this web standard. I was mostly correct. All the major browsers…