Data loss prevention will help prevent data breaches

The ethics of destroying data

Climate change is a hot topic. It played a part in the debate leading to the recent US presidential election, but its reach and the attention it is getting go way beyond. The global scientific community is not only united in its conviction that anthropogenic climate change is real, but also working in collaboration and…


automation and June

Automation is killing the art of learning

You may have read (or heard of) the latest viral article making the rounds through the web: This $1,500 Toaster Oven Is Everything That’s Wrong With Silicon Valley Design. Basically, it discusses how a smart oven uses a ridiculous number of technologies to cook food. Spoiler: the author finds that the automation isn’t worth it. This…


San Francisco hack

The San Francisco hack that commuters are thankful for

Why would anyone be happy about a cyber attack? This past weekend, the commuters of San Francisco, California were pleasantly surprised when city officials announced a hack of the city’s public transportation system that resulted in free rides for everyone. The message “You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted” began appearing on Friday evening on Muni station…


machine learning

Machine learning has reached the point of language creation

Machine learning refers to the way computers – really smart ones – can develop the capacity for learning on their own without programming from humans. The latest freaky development? Computers have created their own secret language. In September, Google announced that its Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) system had gone live. This uses deep learning to produce better,…


virtual reality and movies

The future of virtual reality: movies

We’ve discussed virtual reality before, but mostly just in terms of gaming. But now Hollywood is making bets that VR will be just as popular as popcorn at the movies. 20th Century Fox is releasing “The Martian VR Experience,” a virtual-reality simulation that puts viewers inside the spacesuit of Mark Watney, Matt Damon‘s character in the…


What does the government think of AI?

Artificial intelligence will be essential to the future economic growth of the United States, but if education and social services aren’t improved, American workers could lose millions of jobs. That’s the conclusion of a new report from the White House examining the economic impact of artificial intelligence and increasing automation. The report, released by the…


ransomware payDOS command prompt

Two ransomware variants have entered the market

Avast malware analyst Jakub Kroustek recently discovered two batch file ransomware variants that run within the Windows command prompt: payDOS and Serpent. While both demand a ransom, neither actually encrypt your data like traditional ransomware. Instead, they rename your files making opening the files you need incredibly frustrating. If you run a business, this kind…


neuromorphic computing

Future computers will look more like our brains

Despite all the technological advancements that we see, nothing comes close to the human brain – which explains why future computers might start looking like what’s inside our heads. The brain’s performance is way ahead of any supercomputer we have, and it requires less space and energy. Researchers therefore are looking at neuromorphic computing, a…


data breaches

The differences between different kinds of data breaches

In a standard breach notification, you’ll often get some information about how the company stored your data before hackers stole it. It may seem like a foreign language, but not once you get the hang of it. Plain Text — If your information was stolen in plain text, that means it can be read by…


artificial intelligence

If my big-data is big enough can I create intelligence?

As the amount of news about machine learning may make you wonder if we just discovered something profoundly new, artificial intelligence, the reality is that the technology is almost as old as computing itself. It is no coincidence that Alan Turing, who is one of the most significant computer scientists of all time, began his…