Bulat Zhdanov
Office / Front Desk

A relatively new member of the Eboxlab team, Bulat brings his years of experience in customer service and retail to the front end of the office. He will gladly assist you with your case, answer your questions and take the extra time to make sure you have what need during visit to Eboxlab. He also helps out with the updating of client websites and blogs.

Bulat comes from a creative background – he studied Classical Guitar Performance at Metro University and has played in various bands around Denver, and this creative edge helps him bring a different perspective to the IT world of Eboxlab. Always having been fascinated with computers, Bulat feels right at home behind a keyboard and mouse, creating graphics and advertisements that help businesses get the word out.

On The Flip Side: Bulat enjoys painting, writing, philosophy and a good jam session. He is also a total sci-fi geek.