Eboxlab Develops new recovery technique to help you remember your previous life

  You know that old saying, that the brain is a hard drive? Well we just went ahead and recovered it.    Using super sophisticated techniques derived from top of the technology research implementing alpha wave sensors, chromatic abbreviation wavelengths, lightwave refractions, we were able to develop a technique to recall previous memories stored in ones…

machine learning

Machine learning has reached the point of language creation

Machine learning refers to the way computers – really smart ones – can develop the capacity for learning on their own without programming from humans. The latest freaky development? Computers have created their own secret language. In September, Google announced that its Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) system had gone live. This uses deep learning to produce better,…

virtual servers

How virtual servers are a data nightmare

Virtual servers: a new wave of IT technology that is taking the world by storm.  The idea of virtual servers is a logical and natural development; everyday physical servers are usually assigned to only one task or application to optimize their performance, but they are capable of much more.  Virtual servers capitalize on this latent…

Seagate's 60TB drive

Say hello to the first 60TB drive

The sixty terabyte hard drive is coming. Prices aren’t available yet, but you can bet that it’ll be expensive. When Samsung revealed its 15TB hard drive last year, it was the largest hard drive the world had seen. With a 60TB drive this year, we’re wondering how much storage these companies plan to offer in…

SSD hard drive

Here are the longevity secrets for your SSD

It’s time to move on from a regular hard drive if you haven’t already (contact us if you’d like to handle that for you – and too learn more about why we recommend a solid state drive, check out our previous post). If you already have an SSD, here’s how to make the most of it…

barracuda pro 10tb

The 10TB Barracuda has arrived

Are you one of those people who just can’t get enough storage? Listen up, because your drive capacity woes are about to get solved: Seagate has just released the Barracuda Pro 10TB, an internal drive for your desktop computer. The best part? This 7200RPM drive comes with a 5-year warranty, making it easier to replace and…

hard drive

Deleting your data won’t get rid of sensitive files

Before you get rid of your old hard drive, make sure all your data is completely gone. A new study found that seventy-eight percent of old hard drives for sale on eBay and Craigslist still contained sensitive data. Photos, social security numbers, financial data, business information, and more were recovered from these drives. In the wrong…

Apple virus worm

Simply relying on an antivirus could lead you to trouble

Back in the nineties, viruses, scams, ransomware, and data corruption were not things to be worried about. They existed, but they were nowhere near as common as they are today. Unfortunately, things have changed. Did you know that nine out of ten emails sent contain spam? And over sixty percent of internet traffic is conducted…

My Passport Wireless Pro

The WD My Passport Wireless Pro introduces a better way to store photos

It’s been two years since Western Digital released its My Passport Wireless, an external hard drive with a built-in SD card slot and WiFi for importing photos. Now, WD has come out with a pro version. The most obvious improvement is its better design – however, there’s more to the Pro than that. File management is…