Gmail Phishing Technique being Exploited

    There is a new highly effective phishing attack hackers are using to compromise your email. This one is much harder to recognize than any other attack. If you have already been infiltrated, you probably don’t even know. The way this new phishing technique works is using your Gmail account. The attacker will send…

programming trends

A review of 2016’s programming trends

Growth of the latest version of JavaScript JavaScript/ECMAScript version 6 (commonly known as ECMAScript 2015 or ES6) launched in June of 2015, and I predicted that 2016 would see widespread adoption of its new features as web developers adjusted to the new version of this web standard. I was mostly correct. All the major browsers…

security in 2017

What security will look like in 2017

Lately, cybersecurity has been the place where IT’s optimism goes to die. It’s been a tough road for companies and organizations the past few years as their network defenses have been bent and broken on a consistent, and often dramatic, basis. Hacks that topple over a billion user accounts are shocking and make a solution…

secure wifi

How to use Wifi Assistant

Android’s Wifi Assistant is a handy little tool that automatically secures open public networks with a Google VPN. It’s available on every device running version 5.1 and above, so there’s no reason not to use it. The basics Public networks will always be insecure. It’s just too easy for hackers to infiltrate them, mirror existing…


The recent attack on Android accounts

More than 1 million Google accounts have been breached by Android malware dubbed “Gooligan,” Check Point reported Wednesday. The malware roots infected devices and steals authentication tokens that can be used to access data from various Google apps including Gmail, Google Docs, G Suite and Google Drive. It potentially affects devices running Android 4 and…


Apple is going to be collecting a lot of data – with drones

Apple has assembled a group of robotics and data-collection experts who will use unmanned aerial vehicles — that is, drones — to obtain data for updates to its Maps app, Bloomberg reported Thursday. Apple, Google and others in the cartography space currently collect a lot of their data using motor vehicles equipped with high-tech gear.…


The FBI malware investigation

The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday released new details about the multinational takedown of Avalanche, a multimillion-dollar malware and money-laundering network, following a four-year probe led by German police and prosecutors. Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell, Acting U.S. Attorney Soo C. Song and Assistant Director Scott S. Smith of the FBI’s Cyber Division…

Data loss prevention will help prevent data breaches

The ethics of destroying data

Climate change is a hot topic. It played a part in the debate leading to the recent US presidential election, but its reach and the attention it is getting go way beyond. The global scientific community is not only united in its conviction that anthropogenic climate change is real, but also working in collaboration and…

San Francisco hack

The San Francisco hack that commuters are thankful for

Why would anyone be happy about a cyber attack? This past weekend, the commuters of San Francisco, California were pleasantly surprised when city officials announced a hack of the city’s public transportation system that resulted in free rides for everyone. The message “You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted” began appearing on Friday evening on Muni station…