ransomware payDOS command prompt

Two ransomware variants have entered the market

Avast malware analyst Jakub Kroustek recently discovered two batch file ransomware variants that run within the Windows command prompt: payDOS and Serpent. While both demand a ransom, neither actually encrypt your data like traditional ransomware. Instead, they rename your files making opening the files you need incredibly frustrating. If you run a business, this kind…

data breaches

The differences between different kinds of data breaches

In a standard breach notification, you’ll often get some information about how the company stored your data before hackers stole it. It may seem like a foreign language, but not once you get the hang of it. Plain Text — If your information was stolen in plain text, that means it can be read by…

security breaches

Why you should be worried about security breaches

Security breaches are all around us . . . one cannot turn to the news without seeing some big-name entity hacked and customer data being revealed. If it happens to the Big Guys, what can smaller going concerns do? One thing that must be done is to properly assess the risk, look at the digital…

Windows zero-day vulnerability

Google has disclosed a Windows zero-day vulnerability

When Google vendors discover a security flaw in a product that has already been exploited, they have seven days to issue a patch. Google has just disclosed a zero-day vulnerability after Microsoft failed to do so before that deadline. Recently, Google researchers found that the Windows kernel is affected by a local privilege escalation which allows attackers to escape…

quantum encryption

China is racing to achieve quantum encryption

Last month, China launched the world’s first quantum satellite. Now, the country is working on another major feat: a 2,000-kilometer fiber-optic line for ferrying quantum encryption keys. It’s the beginning of real quantum encryption technology. Why China? Even though the Chinese have been behind some fairly high profile attacks recently, they don’t compare at all to…

data encryption is more than just a lock

Data encryption has its limits

Does privacy exist anymore? In the age of the NSA, frequent ransomware attacks, and cyber stalking, it seems as though nothing we post online anymore is for our eyes alone. So it makes a lot of sense that encryption has become the method of choice for anyone wanting to protect their files. But is it…

Galaxy Note7 after the flames

The Galaxy Note7 is done

Samsung has officially halted production of the Galaxy Note7 – forever. On Monday, Samsung said it would “temporarily adjust” the production of the phone. Looks like that decision just wasn’t enough for them. Safety is the clear issue here. The phones keep spontaneously bursting into flame, which sounds funny if you’re part of a cartoon…

the mythical unhackable phone

Why the unhackable phone doesn’t exist

What would you pay for an unhackable phone? $2000? $3,000? $14,000? Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter what price you pay because there’s no such thing. Computers are hacked through flaws in software. Every smartphone has millions and millions of lines of software from the operating system, chips, and apps. There are over a million…

Dahir Adan iPhone

The FBI wants access to another locked iPhone

Remember the court case in which the FBI wanted Apple to crack the locked iPhone of Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters? Bureau director James Comey assured everyone at that time that the case was just about that one individual’s phone and that he had no intention of gained access to other iPhone owners’…

logo - yahoo hack

New details about that Yahoo hack two years ago

Last Wednesday, InfoArmor released new details about the Yahoo hack that took place two years ago. According to the threat intelligence agency, two cybercriminal gangs are to blame. This is at odds with what Yahoo stated earlier this month – not only were they wrong in saying that state-sponsored actors caused the attack, they also underestimated the number of stolen records…