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Eboxlab technicians are authorized through computer makers and manufactures for Apple, Asus, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, HP, Gateway computer and laptop repairs. Our technicians are A+ certified to work on your laptop repair or desktop repair including out-of-warranty repairs.

Our shop located in Denver and provides comprehensive diagnosis and repair coverage of notebook or laptop repair problems including laptop motherboard board and DC power jack repairs, LCD screen repairs and other component level repairs, as well as installation of upgrades and replacement parts and software.

We’ve been helping homes and small businesses set up and repair their computers since 2004. No problem is too difficult for our team of dedicated computer professionals to handle.

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Apple Repair

We love Macs! – lets make yours run properly.

Data backup

Will make all you photos from vacation saved!.

Always Backup!

Liquid damage

Spilled cup of coffee on your laptop? No worries, will take care of it.


High temps can damage your hard drive, fix it fast.

Lost operating system

Cant see your lovely desktop? Lets check start up items!.

Blue screen

BSD – we call it, it happens and can be fixed same day.

Power issues

Electricity is power, but it should be stable from voltage to amperage.

Top 5 Computer services

System Factory Restore
DC Jack repair
Virus Removal
Laptop LCD replacement
Data Transfer & Backup

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Diagnostic Report


Quick and while you wait Free Laptop or Desktop diagnostic.

Your time is valuable. Eboxlab will offer you the most useful, accurate and reasonable solutions. We provide supreme care and customer service, so that fixing your digital friend will be as stress free as possible.