Dennis Gladkih

On most days, you will find Denis at the retail office managing the various workflows at Eboxlab. It is also not uncommon to see him at a client location as well doing the same as this is the direction he has steered his company – that of a full-service solutions firm. Denis, as Founder & Director, has been in the tech field since graduating from the prestigious Sakaru Institute in Riga, Latvia. He first served as a System Integrator with DHE, and has also worked as a System Analyst & Engineer for Ormix, LTD., and as a Certified Partner for i365, a Seagate Company. Through these rotations and the founding of Eboxlab, he started to see all the pieces that a consumer and small business would need. His vision for Eboxlab going forward is to pull these most-asked for disciplines together under one roof and under his direction. He is now marrying a suite of consulting services to his already successful data recovery business and applying the same philosophy that made the former such a success.

Denis earned a degree as an Engineer in Radio Electronics & Computer Science from Transporta un Sakaru Instituts former Aviation University in Riga, Latvia before moving and settling here in Denver. He is fluent in English, Russian and Latvian.

When not in the office, Denis is an avid outdoorsman enjoying Colorado in many forms. Riding his motorcycle and making mid-week jaunts up to Keystone to snowboard if a good weather report entices him. He also enjoys martial arts and can be seen at the local Do Jo working on his roundhouse kicks. He is married with three children.