Simplifying Technology Relocation

Eboxlab is an Denver based company providing professional IT relocation and installation services in Denver metro area. Whether your relocation is internal or external, Eboxlab offers a quality, all-in-one technology relocation and installation service designed to keep your business functioning without any interruption.

We offer a managed 1 to 1 service that includes installation and relocation of servers, workstation, network infrastructure and other elements.

Our Technology Relocation

Services that make moving IT easier

Eboxlab Relocation Services is a team of dedicated, Colorado based, capable IT professionals who understand the numerous challenges to be overcome when migrating data centers, servers, server racks, and technology equipment.

Relocation Experts

Project management, equipment layout/design work, cable infrastructure planning & design, relocation consulting and data eradication Eboxlab can provide skilled infrastructure project managers – to assist with your relocation and to ensure that nothing is lost.

Relocation Process

Project Management
Inventory Audit

Moving is – easy with our professional IT relocation services.

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